What you are seeing is the aftermath of destruction — a Waukesha V12 diesel engine pulled out of the rubble of New York’s World Trade Center. Seven engines were maintained proactively so they could start, run, and produce electric power during an emergency. Video surveillance proved they performed their duty until they drowned, as they lived four floors below ground near the Hudson River.

In our Gas Engine Technology & Maintenance course I teach the importance of being proactive with respect to equipment maintenance. A technician will perform proactive maintenance only if he/she has a proactive mindset. Being proactive requires taking ACTION NOW, to prevent trouble and troubleshooting later. We might ask if the time spent on maintenance is worth the anticipated results. I can assure you that in nearly every case, being proactive is worthwhile. In many cases when destruction occurs there is no turning back. Engines can be replaced; lives cannot.

As we see threats, terror, and destruction around us, I encourage all of us to be proactive in our approach as we perform scheduled maintenance in each state across our nation. Get the necessary training beforehand. Maintenance or the lack of it has consequences. Take ACTION by showing up on Nov. 6 across the U.S. to help prevent the need for troubleshooting in the future.

Founder/CEO at SnackLearning | Skills Gap Learning Solutions for Manufacturing and Oil and Gas | SnackLearning.tech