Whether a company is in manufacturing, oil and gas, or construction, one common thing affects all — the need to see our training succeed. Are the training efforts producing the desired results?

This week a friend related that during takeoff a loud bang, screeching brakes, and emergency stop awakened him. Thankfully, the pilots were able to stop the plane before runway overrun. I commented, “It was good they had not yet reached “V1”” (V1 is the speed beyond which a plane should no longer abort takeoff). The fire and rescue squads remained at a cautious distance from the plane knowing the potential danger of a blown engine and fuel. Viewing them from inside the plane was of no comfort.

V1 Moment — Full Commitment

Businesses also go through “V1” moments. During a new business or product launch, moving forward with projects requires accelerating into and past the point of full commitment, the point of no turning back — the “V1” moment.

Is your company hesitant or not equipped to put forth the time, the energy and the resources to take you where you need to fly with your training projects? Are your employees receiving the training they need to develop the results to succeed? Does your training attract young workers to your workplace and help seasoned workers to excel each day? Is your company stuck trying to get their training up to speed? If so, it may be because your company is trying to go it alone.

Training Skills Strategy

An education company can help. Bringing their experienced curriculum designers together with your own HR, trainers, and subject matter experts is a great first step toward a custom-designed skills strategy for your company.

OPITO is one of the organizations I follow. It is a global, not-for-profit, skills body for the energy industry. That may not be your industry. That’s OK. The models and ideas there that can be applied to organizations of all types. We in the U.S. can, and should, take some tips from them. Successful companies are recognizing that to acquire and retain their skilled workforce requires them to commit fully to the education process. That may also mean engaging with outside resources to develop a training strategy.

At we engage with companies to do just that. Bringing 3–4 decades of industry experience, we not only design custom curriculum, we offer the following training solutions:

  1. training (onsite or broadcast)
  2. training in short, “snack-sized” video hosted and served to any online device 24/7 (i.e. at an employee’s fingertips)
  3. for companies who want solutions to attract NextGen workers into their pipeline and retain them, without requiring a traditional 2–4 year degree.

We work with companies who share our vision to further develop their existing employees and to attract new talent. Training is needed not just for shiny new equipment but for the maintenance of machines which have a patina as well.

When training must go full throttle, we will help your company and your employees successfully travel beyond “V1” to achieve the altitude needed to succeed. To learn more, we invite you to check out . Let’s start a conversation.

Founder/CEO at SnackLearning | Skills Gap Learning Solutions for Manufacturing and Oil and Gas |

Founder/CEO at SnackLearning | Skills Gap Learning Solutions for Manufacturing and Oil and Gas | SnackLearning.tech